Natural Hair Growth – Some Tips for You

by admin on March 16, 2015

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Hair loss is a very common problem with almost one in four men affected at some stage. Women aren’t immune to the problem either – some 90% of women suffer with hair loss at some stage of their lives.
Luckily there are natural remedies and treatments available to help alleviate the problem and we will be discussing these here. We hope you can read through the different alternative treatments and pick the best product or products that will suit your hair type or that will work best for you. As well as remedies that help prevent hair loss, we also discuss regimes and best practices that can promote natural hair growth including;

  • One of the best natural hair growth remedies is a gentle scalp massage! A gentle scalp massage helps promote the flow of blood to the hair follicles supplying essential oxygen and other minerals to help keep them alive and healthy. Avoid rubbing too hard though; this can be counter-productive.
  • You can try massaging your scalp gently using coconut or almond oil before going to sleep. You can also try applying caster and olive oil, which act in a similar way.
  • Hair needs a good supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Try taking mineral and vitamin supplements, so that your hair grows stronger and faster.
  • Before brushing, let your hair dry completely.
  • Try to use a wide toothed brush.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps are useful tips to get you started on natural methods to promote hair growth. The advantage of natural products of course is that you are very unlikely to suffer with side effects.

For faster results, you can opt for hair implants though these tend to be costly and can be painful too.

You don’t know what works best for you until you give it a try! Just give them a try and see the results and hopefully you will find something that works for you!

We’ve selected the following natural products available online:

Hair Grow Natural Hair Growth Cream – Price: $29 – Description: This product helps men and women and help promotes new & thicker hair. Enriched with amino acids, Hair Grow is enriched with essential amino acids which may promote growth of thicker, healthier hair.

FORMALI Extra Strength #1 Natural Hair Growth Formula. 100% Herbal – Price: $24.99, Seller:

Nu Hair Regrowth for Men Dietary Supplement Tablets – Price: $27.99, Seller: – Description: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nioxin Natural Hair Cleanser Shampoo – 10.1 Oz. – Price: $17.99, Seller: Target – Description: Nioxin is a cleanser for fine, thin, non-dyed treated hair that works by detoxifying your scalp. The preparation is made from a concentrated blend of herbs and humectants and acts to remove toxic build up of minerals, pollutants and clears a pathway for nutrients to reach hair follicle sites. The mix acts without removing essential oils present in the scalp, and provides an optimum environment leaving your hair growing healthily again with body, volume and shine.

Natrol Nu Hair Women’s Hair Regrowth Tablets (Pack of 2) – Price: $34.99, Seller: – Description: Nu Hair is a natural blend of hair to help replace lost hair and to prevent hair thinning. This is a natural product specifically formulated for women and is available in tablet form.

Hair Grow – Price: $40.95, Seller: – Description: This is a natural hair restorer for men and women. It works to stimulate hair growth by providing the scalp the natural nutrients (minerals and vitamins) necessary to restore a healthy level of blood circulation to the hair follicles present in the scalp.

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